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Its been soooo long.
anyone still alive?


2013-11-13 20:37:18 by NightRaid1

Hai guyz

Father's Day!

2013-06-12 22:10:54 by NightRaid1

With no ideas...

I honestly have no idea what the hell to do....


2013-03-20 00:51:44 by NightRaid1

How are you all?

Oh Look!

2012-12-29 01:26:59 by NightRaid1

It's almost 2013! Suck that, Mayans!

Well this is awkward...

2012-11-25 00:29:15 by NightRaid1

Somehow Dami and I are together*. Don't know how that happened, but hey, if she's happy then whatevs. :)
(Notice the edit.)


2012-11-18 23:23:13 by NightRaid1

How long have I been sleeping, Newgrounds?


2012-10-23 18:46:28 by NightRaid1

There's no life in these posts....
Don't mind helpin me out with that, right? :D


2012-09-26 20:58:14 by NightRaid1

Apparently me and TrueWolf haven't gotten around to making music lately. I promise, both of us have been extremely busy over this past month to catch up on things (school, jobs, and taxes[gotta hate 'em]).

Yes, we both are still alive. Just don't give up on us.